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Q.I have a Composition Shingle roof, when it rains I have lots of granules and debris on the ground. Does that mean I need a new roof?

A.It may not. Often times the only thing that needs to be replaced is the Hip and Ridge Shingles. Most roofing shingles are designed to last 30 or more years but most trim shingles only last 5 to 10 years.

Q.The color of my Tile roof is faded, is there anything I can do?

A.Yes! Tile can be cleaned and recoated to bring it back to its original color or the color can be changed to give your house an updated look.

Q.Will Attic Ventilation keep my house cooler in the summer?

A.Adequate ventilation in the attic helps air flow as that heat does not build up. Trapped heat in the attic causes you house to be hotter and requires your cooling system to work harder.

Q.I am thinking about putting Solar on my roof, how do I make sure I don’t have leaks after?

A.Solar panels require brackets to be attached to the framing of the house and they should be properly flashed by a roofing professional.

Q.What causes roof leaks?

A.Usually damage caused by something or someone, (trees, golf balls, satellite dish mounts, service technicians, ect.) this damage allows the sun to breakdown the roofing material and then water can enter your home.

Q.Will repairing broken roof tile make my roof last longer?

A.Yes. Broken tile allows the sun to breakdown the underlayment and thus shortens the serviceable life of your roof.

Q.Is repairing broken roof tile expensive?


Q.Should I have my roof looked at if it’s not leaking now?

A.Having your roof inspected before it shows signs of leaking could save thousands of dollars in structural and interior damage.

Q.What should a Roof Warranty cover?

A.A roof warranty should cover the entire roof against leaks and should be backed by a substantially stable financial institution.

Q.How do I make a Warranty claim?

A.Go to the warranty page on the gorooftune website or call (866) 989 6976

Q.What is a Cool Roof?

A.The Cool Roof Rating Commission (CRRC) rates roofing products that will help to produce cooler roofs and thus help to save energy.

Q.I have a Satellite Dish could it cause roof damage?

A.Yes. Mounting a Dish on your roof should be done by a professional roofer. We recommend using ComDeck™ mounting brackets.

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