How Maintenance Impacts Your Wallet And Roof Lifespan

How Maintenance Impacts Your Wallet And Roof Lifespan

Most homeowners consider roofs as just a finishing touch to their property. By the time you invest in walls, windows, interior design, and furniture, you may try to take short cuts when it comes to roof maintenance. This is most likely why roofs account for only 10% of construction costs but a whopping 90% of repair costs down the road.

To avoid being hit with high roof repair costs over time, it’s a good idea to invest in roof maintenance programs. A roof maintenance/repair program is basically a comprehensive service offered by roofing companies. It involves regular inspections and any repairs being taken care of as necessary. The idea is to implement a preventative model where roofing issues are detected early and fixed before the problem gets worse.

Damages which may occur to your roof

From the moment your roof is installed, it begins to undergo deterioration. Think of how your roof works as a give and take relationship, where the roof protects your home as its components slowly wear out.

Many new roofs can last for decades after installation. However, they can also experience damage due to the following factors:

    • Expansion and contraction
      Whether you live in the sunny plains of Southern California or the rainy streets of Seattle, your roof is bound to experience frequent expansion and contraction. Fluctuating daily temperatures will cause your roofing material to slowly degrade over time. And without timely maintenance, a small problem can be amplified and require costly repairs down the road.
      A roof maintenance program allows you to detect any loose shingles which may need to be repositioned, replaced, or repaired. Indeed, what started as a displaced shingle may result in water damage, leaks, and a worn-out underlayment.
  • Damage from inclement weather
    Inclement weather conditions also exert a toll on residential roofs. From strong winds to hail and storms, your roof may encounter loose shingles, damaged underlayment, leaks, and much more. Such damage may not manifest itself immediately, as you may end up noticing that your roof needs repair after weeks or months. For these reasons, signing up for a roof maintenance program will help you avoid costly repairs that may dig a hole in your wallet.
  • Normal wear and tear
    You should also expect your roof to slowly wear out over the years. From metal roofs to slate and tile, normal wear and tear is something you’ll need to account for during the lifespan of your roof. By maintaining your roof year-round, a contractor can identify damages in time and repair them before they get worse.

What to expect during roof maintenance

Most roofs are designed to last for 20-25 years when installed. However, homeowners are only able to get about 15 years from their roofs before they need to be replaced.

Of more concern is the amount of money that you may end up spending on repairs during this time- due to poor maintenance practices. An effective roof maintenance program can boost the lifespan of your roof and lead to additional cost savings.

Here’s what you can expect after signing up.

  • Regular Inspections are the cornerstone of any roof maintenance program. The roof should be professionally inspected at least twice a year, preferably when the seasons change. To ensure that the inspection is up to standard, a detailed checklist is used as a guiding principle during the process. If you sign up for a maintenance program, you can also expect inspections after inclement weather such as tornados, hurricanes, and snowstorms. 
  • Accurate Records are needed in order to maintain a proactive approach to roof repairs, both you and the roofing company must keep accurate records. A maintenance program will typically involve the filing of inspection records, repairs (that were carried out), costs, and invoices.
  • If an inspection reveals maintenance is necessary on your roof, your roofing contractor will plan for the repair work accordingly. Repairs are carried out in accordance with best practices and manufacturer guidelines. Whether you need a new waterproof layer or tile repairs, your contractor will carefully plan for all work to be done and inform you along every step of the way.

In a nutshell, roof maintenance programs make planning and conducting repairs much easier. This is because the repair work is done by a trusted contractor who offers flexibility in terms of payment, working hours, and warranty considerations.

If you need to sign up for a roof maintenance plan, don’t hesitate to contact Go Roof Tune Up. Whether you live in Southern California, Seattle, or Denver, we’re the professionals you can trust to maintain your roof all-year-round without blowing a hole in your wallet.

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