How To Do Roof Maintenance In Winter

How To Do Roof Maintenance In Winter

Getting roof maintenance done in the winter can be tricky since the best time for such work is in dry conditions. You have to make sure you choose a reputable roofer who has plenty of experience working during the rainy season. Here are basic points to remember about roof maintenance in the winter.

Dealing with Pacific Northwest Weather

Both the states of Washington and Oregon have similar climates with cloudy days most of the year. Most of the western part of Washington state has a mild, Mediterranean climate with wet seasons all year except for summer. The western side of Oregon has an oceanic climate with mostly cloudy days and wet winters. While the average number of sunny days per year across the United States is 205, Portland and Seattle have less than half sunny days. Seattle has about 150 rainy days per year, which exceeds the national average.

Even though spring through autumn are more practical times of the year to do roof maintenance in Portland or Seattle, you may still need urgent repair work done in the winter months. You can never afford to wait on obvious leaks since they can spread and raise your energy bills.

Inspection After a Storm

Even roofs made with the most durable materials can get damaged by a severe storm. It’s always a wise idea to have your roof inspected by a certified contractor after a storm if it has caused visible damage in your neighborhood. A professional roofer will do a thorough inspection to make sure there are no hidden leaks.

Keep in mind any type of moisture build-up is bad for your roof, especially if heavy rain persists. Moisture attracts mold, which can spread and cause structural damage to your roofing system. So it’s best to look for signs of moisture on walls and ceilings.

Environmental forces can cause damage such as cracking to shingles. If strong winds blow shingles off your roof you will definitely need maintenance work immediately. In wintertime, it’s ideal to have debris or snow removed from the roof and gutters so that water can drain off the roof freely. The keys to keeping maintenance bills low are to have your roof periodically inspected and only work with contractors who understand roofing in your area. Contact us here at Go Roof Tune Up for roof repair in Portland or Seattle.

How To Estimate Your Roof Maintenance Cost

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