How To Estimate Your Roof Maintenance Cost

How To Estimate Your Roof Maintenance Cost

Most homeowners with roofing problems have no clear idea how to estimate the cost of necessary repairs. Here is a rough guide to gauging the scope of typical repairs.

Small Jobs

Expect to pay between $200 to $500 for small roof repair work that can be done by either one roofer or a small team in a matter of hours. This level of work includes fixing broken ceramic or concrete tile, reattaching a few shingles, or patching small areas of “flat” roofing.

Before you protest and say to yourself, “Well, if it’s so small, I could do it myself,” consider: do you have the training, equipment, and safety skills to navigate your roof, assess the damage, and make the repairs? Most homeowners do not. Leave even the small roof repair jobs to skilled professionals.

Medium-Sized Repairs

As jobs become more complex, they become more expensive. Removing and replacing an area of damaged shingles, fixing flashing (the metal covering protecting joints, valleys and seams), or cleaning out and applying new sealants would be medium-sized repairs. These will cost from $500 to $1,000 in most cases. Expect to see a crew of several roofers for the bulk of a single day.

Large Repair Projects

Beneath your roof’s top layer, whether it is a metal panel, ceramic tile or fiberglass-asphalt shingle, is underlayment. Getting to that layer is a challenge. Repairing or replacing it is even more difficult.

For tile roofs especially, the preferred work method is to lift out all the tile, fix the underlayment, and re-lay the tiles correctly. This is less expensive than re-roofing your home and is a cost-effective option that reuses your existing tile.

Expect to pay $1,000 to $3,000 for any roof work that involves underlayment, sheathing, or replacing large sections of metal, tile or shingles.

Keeping Costs Low

A great strategy to keeping roof repair costs low is to invest in annual inspection and maintenance. Some reasons to consider this program:

  1. You gain peace of mind, knowing your roof is protected
  2. You know any repairs will cost less because problems never have a chance to develop into larger headaches
  3. You save money and create a predictable budget
  4. Bad weather does not worry you!

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