How To Prevent Roof Repair By Being Proactive

How To Prevent Roof Repair By Being Proactive

As a homeowner, you know the difference between being proactive and being reactive. And with so many issues vying for your attention, it’s easy to let most things register on your “reactive scale.” There are good reasons to switch your response mode and become proactive about roof maintenance. Your safety – and that of your family — may well depend on it.

Why being proactive pays off

Rather than waiting for your roof to leak or show other urgent signs of a needed repair, it’s smart to become proactive about roof maintenance because:

  • You can spot minor problems before they balloon into bigger ones.
  • You can save money, since bigger repairs usually cost more money.
  • You can extend the expected lifespan of your roof.
  • You can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing your roof is protecting your home, your possessions and your loved ones as it should.

Step into proactive mode

  • Nothing can compare with a biannual roof inspection conducted by a licensed roofing contractor. In between these inspections, you can take a proactive stance about your roof.
  • Ensure your roof remains free of leaves, branches, leaves, twigs and pine needles. All of this debris can cause structural decay which shortens your roof’s lifespan. A roof can be a dangerous place for a novice. If you are not comfortable on the roof, call Go Roof Tune Up to sweep and clean your roof for you.
  • Maintain a 10-foot “free zone” around your roof so no tree branches or limbs come into contact with it. In addition to dropping a steady flow of debris, trees act as a bridge for small animals to climb onto your roof and chew on the shingles.
  • Perform a visual check of your roof with a pair of binoculars from the ground level or from a second-story window. Look for missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles or flashing. They should be repaired promptly to fortify your roof.
  • Walking around the perimeter of your home and looking for shingles or shingle granules on the ground. Both warning signs signal a need for a roof repair.

Call Go Roof Tune Up if it’s time for your biannual roof inspection. We’ll also check your attic for any signs of a water leak and remove any moss or mold. We’ll also check and clean your gutters and downspouts. It’s called being proactive about your roof, and it’s what getting a roof tune-up is all about.

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