Adding Years To Your Roof Life With A Lift and Relay

Adding Years To Your Roof Life With A Lift and Relay

Among the many advantages of tile roofs are durability and their resistance to fire and wind damage. The tiles are also easily replaced when damaged. This helps make them a popular choice among homeowners in California, Colorado, and Washington.

In some cases, tile roofs may require a lift and relay process to replace the underlayment underneath. The need for a lift and relay can be due to poorly-installed or age.

When a Lift & Relay is Needed

When a tile roof leaks water excessively, the underlayment is a likely cause. The underlayment is the material under the tiles installed on the wood decking. It consists of felt or roofing paper designed to keep out moisture.

If your underlayment was improperly installed, or if it’s worn down because of age, you may need to replace it. This is a good time for the lift and relay process.

What about the rest of the roof?

The good news is the rest of your roof is usually in great shape and doesn’t need replacing. Have your roof inspected by a dependable roofing contractor. They can tell you if replacing the underlayment or the whole roof is your best strategy.

When the roof and the underlayment are properly installed your roofing system can last 100 years. But a roof with substandard underlayment or installation may last only 20 to 30 years.

Lift & relay

The lift and relay process is relatively simple. The existing tiles are lifted off the roof in an orderly way. The roofers can then replace the underlayment. Roofers also install new flashing and replace missing or damaged tiles. Your contractor should inspect the wood deck before replacing the underlayment.

Even if the underlayment isn’t damaged, it’s often a good idea to do a lift and relay to help extend the life of an aging roof.

A lift and relay allows you to reuse your tiles instead of replacing them all, as with a roof replacement.

The cost of a lift and relay

One of the biggest advantages of the lift and relay is its cost, which is about 20% less than a roof replacement. A lift and relay will take approximately as much time to complete as a replacement.

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